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The Women’s Style Guide for Umrah Clothing

While planning for Umrah, one of the biggest concerns women face is what to wear while ensuring that their clothes are neither against the Islamic laws nor uncomfortable.

Everyone commonly understands the term ”Umrah clothes” as Ihram clothes.

What Umrah Clothing To Wear?

Unlike men, the rules regarding Umrah clothing for ladies are not as rigid.

While performing Hajj or Umrah, women should dress modestly; while remaining comfortable. Although women don’t need to wear white dress during Umrah or Hajj, there is no specific Ihram for them.

Rules for Women’s Ihram

  • The clothes or dress cannot be form-fitting.
  • You should cover your body until the ankles and the wrists, leaving only your face and your hands uncovered, not counting feet or shoes.
  • They can’t be see-through.
  • Ladies’ Umrah clothes cannot be similar to male clothing or imitate it in any way.

Tips For Women’s Umrah Clothing

They can wear regular clothes, but most women prefer to wear white clothes during their holy trip. After all, their clothing should be appropriate so that it might not distract them from worship.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is a very hot place, and the myriad of pilgrims will only make the scorching day more unbearable. So, it would be better to choose clothes made of lightweight fabrics.

So, try to pack clothes made from a fabric that ensures breathability and comfort even in the scorching sunlight. Avoid wearing black clothes. Although the black color is not forbidden, do remember that it absorbs heat quickly. You might be uncomfortable wearing it.

If you are looking for clothes for your Umrah, AHD London has a great variety of dresses to choose from. Their collection includes Jilbabs, Maxi Dresses, and prayer dresses. All these provide coverage while also being comfortable.

1.    ZAHRA Jilbab Set – Blush

Jilbabs are the perfect dress for Umrah! Our ZAHRA Jilbab two-piece set provides complete coverage in one easy-to-wear garment.

It features a Short Overhead abaya and skirt with an elastic band. The Jilbab also features plain straight cut slim cuffs with buttons.

Our Zahara Jilbab comes in this gorgeous blush shade. We make it with high-quality crepe, which has a light, silky texture that allows it to fall and flow beautifully.

The fabric is smooth, comfortable, breathable, and suitable for all seasons – especially the harsh heat of Saudi Arabia.

2.    Limited Collection Maxi Dresses

Another great choice for an Umrah clothing is a maxi dress. We create our limited collection of maxi dresses from viscon fabric suitable for any weather. So, whether you decide to perform Umrah in summer or winter, a maxi dress is the perfect fit.

Moreover, we create these dresses from fabric that dries quickly, as well as with elastic cuffs. This helps while performing wudhu. Our maxi dresses are loose and flowy, which provide full-body coverage while being extremely comfortable.

They don’t hinder your mobility so that you can perform all the praying activities with the utmost ease. Plus, these maxi dresses feature buttons on the front, making them the perfect fit for nursing mothers, especially while traveling.

Our collection has 12 max dresses with various prints and colors, so if you want to skip the traditional white Umrah dress, you can find one that best suits your need here.

As this is a limited collection, make sure to buy yours today before they run out!

3.    Prayer Dress as Umrah Clothing

Lastly, if you are looking for a single piece of garment to wear as Umrah clothing, then our prayer dress is a perfect choice! We provide it to you in one piece, where we attach the hijab to the dress for maximum ease of wear.

These prayer dresses come in various patterns and colors, featuring an elastic sleeve, a front zip, and an elastic band placed over the head.

This not only makes them extremely easy to slip on, but they ensure that the dress doesn’t restrict your movement in any way while performing Umrah. 

The dresses are loose and cover your entire body from head to toe. They provide comfort and convenience as they are made out of soft and light viscon fabric, ideal for all seasons.

Our prayer dresses also feature a stretchy hijab and wrists attached to them.

All you have to do is just put on the dress and start praying. You don’t even have to worry about your scarf coming undone or your head becoming visible. Like the maxi dresses, we make our prayer dresses with stretchy cuffs and fabric that dries quickly. This is very helpful while performing wudhu.

All the dresses listed above are ideal as Umrah clothing due to the following reasons.

  • AHDLondon makes them from lightweight, comfortable, and breathable fabric.
  • All the different dresses provide full-body coverage and are opaque, not see-through.
  • They come in various prints and colors, ensuring modesty while providing you with various garments to choose from.
  • You can wear them in different weather conditions and you do not have to worry about feeling too hot or cold since they’re made from a special fabric.
  • They are loose enough to cover teenagers, working women, mums to pregnant women.
  • You must also take care of the state of Ihram before entering Makkah. As you can wear some of them before getting on the plane – with both comfort and ease – you don’t need to worry about getting impurities on them as you will already be dressed.

Of course, you can also choose to wear the Jilbab set instead, with the skirt already slipped on while you wear the Jilbab before entering Makkah.


We have made an effort to develop a collection of modest wear dresses for women, which provide full-body coverage while being chic.

We hope that this can help everyone interested, curious, or confused about what to wear. After all, Umrah is a hugely important part of your life – you must take care of what you choose to wear!