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The Ultimate 2021 Guide To Stylish Jilbab and Abaya Sets

Winters can be a huge nuisance to your everyday styling of clothes, especially when you habitually wear Jilbab and abaya dress. So, if you’re finding ways to kick off the cold weather while styling yourself in abaya gowns that cover every part of you, you’ve landed in the right place!

Winter outfits are all about layering. Layering is the addition of fabric over the fabric in just the right way that is stylish and simultaneously provides you with the warmth you need.

So, buckle up because winter is here, and the time to revamp your wardrobe has arrived. After all, keeping up with the trends is vital, too, right?

The abaya style of Muslim women is often crafted in such a way as to cater to moderate temperatures. However, what would happen if you wore it in areas with minus-zero temperatures?

Don’t worry, AHD London has got you covered! We’ve introduced MASR, our newest collection. It consists of Jilbaya sets made of wool peach fabric to give you the perfect warmth you need during winters while keeping your wardrobe as chic as it was before!

MASR Collection of Jilbab and Abaya Sets by AHDLondon

The newly launched MASR collection presents a highly mesmerizing combination of wool abaya and gowns that are a perfect match to your winter mood.

This particular collection of ours is a blend of earth-toned colors that perfectly match the season. These include the hues of olive green, navy blue, taupe, tea pink, Cinnamon, and much more.

Jilbab and Abaya Styles In Wool Peach Fabric

At AHD London, we make jilbab and abaya designs that are fashionable, warm, and pretty comfortable. You’re all set to enjoy a day out without feeling cold at all!

The MASR Jilbab abaya online is a piece of headcover and short jilbab that you can tie back in the newest style. The design includes a skirt underneath, which you can wear with a warm overshirt and a jilbab on the top. Who thought getting ready in winters would be so effortless?

These sets in wool peach fabric consist of an elastic shirt paired with a Jilbab to top it off. This flowy fabric feels like cotton making it highly versatile, comfortable, breathable, and silky on the skin.

The color schemes come in the perfect hues suited best for winters. These include two of our top recommendations; the Lilac MASR Jilbab set and the MASR Jilbab set in Cinnamon.

Moreover, our Abaya sets come in two formats: straight cut and khimar. You can wear the Abaya under a trendy winter jacket with khimar on top as a final addition.

MASR Abayas in wool peach are best suited for routine wear since they are a wise investment in your winter wardrobe. This is especially since our winter colors like the Black MASR Abaya set and the Taupe Abaya set will make you look highly appealing. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Adapting To The Cold Weather

Keeping your body warm must be a priority for everyone before choosing outfits for your wardrobe. Therefore, don’t forget to ensure you’re equipped with enough layering just before styling our aesthetic winter Jilbayas on top of your outfit. This is how effortless flaunting your fashion sense is in winters.

The following designs are made solely to give off the utmost level of comfort to you:

1.    The Two Piece Jilbab Set [MASR]

This outfit set comes with an overhead cover with an option to tie back, allowing easy maneuvering and giving you a brilliant fit.

The texture of its fabric is matte, with the material mostly providing you with a feel similar to cotton and other such fabrics. It is tremendously soft and highly breathable, making it just the one for you!

Who wouldn’t want to get a hold of this ideal set to serve you in your daily routine?

2.    The Two Piece Abaya And Khimar Set [MASR]

This set of a khimar with a tie-back feature and a straight-cut abaya in the wool peach fabric is the most well-suited one for almost every season. It comes with straight sleeves that provide ease of use, making them a perfect choice for regular wear, especially when you’re a working woman.

The fabric used here is the wool peach Egyptian crepe, which is a good quality crepe, and it gives off a soft texture to the outfit that looks aesthetically pleasing. So, this abaya set is a must-add outfit to your winter wardrobe.

Adding Accessories To Jilbab And Abaya Sets

Revamping the entire wardrobe is an overwhelming task just for one season. But, an alternative is to accessorize the usual outfits in a unique way to make them stand out again.

Our black Abaya set in wool peach fabric transforms into a brilliant and trendy outfit for your daily routine when paired with black sneakers. Similarly, when our Jilbabs and abaya sets in the wool peach fabric are worn with a white cardigan coupled with white stilettos, you’re all set to flaunt your sheer elegant look at a party!

To counter the cold winter breezes, a warm fluffy scarf pulled over the cheeks can be a treat to your body since it keeps it warm. Moreover, when also wearing gloves or mittens, you are ready to flaunt your outfit at events or mainstream outdoor activities.

The Perfect Outfit For You!

The perfect winter outfit is an all-in-one package. Whether you’re at work or on a night out with friends, the outfit would just fit your mood. Our MASR collection is the one to trust!

This collection offers a myriad of fantastic options. You can choose the design that helps you achieve fancy looks without alteration. Similarly, the other designs might need trendy accessories to make the outfit stand out.

The Bottom Line

AHD London is a jilbab and abaya brand based in the UK that offers a variety of designs and colors for you to choose from. Our recently launched MASR Collection is a blend of fantastic winter hues.

So pay a visit to our page to look for trendy jilbab sets or abaya sets in the wool peach fabric that are both trendy and keep you warm on the coldest days!