FATIMA Abaya – Honey


Straight Cut Classic Maxi Dress Abaya

Size, Style & Colour Guide


Elegance. Simplicity. Beautiful Straight style Abaya with straight sleeves.

Perfect for day or evening wear depending on your choice of style.
Abaya comes with one side pocket and stright cut style sleeves.

Every day is an opportunity for you to shine your brightest. Deck yourself out in this modest and elegant Abaya and gain the respect of everyone around you.

Our impeccable Abaya is a classic piece that you can wear for many years to come. Delicate and graceful, this drape will equip you with all the modesty you need to look stunning without having to sacrifice your stance on modesty.

Why get yours?

  • Premium material: Our Abayas are manufactured from a premium grade crepe fabric of the highest quality, ensuring comfort and style. With its ankle-length, breathable, and flexible fabric and one side pocket, this Abaya drapes like a dream.
  • Lightweight: You want an abaya that meets your expectations. With the silky fabric and lightweight feel of this Abaya, you’ll feel confident and comfortable wherever you go.
  • Elegant design: Designed to complement your rich and diverse lifestyle, this Abaya will make you feel fabulously fashionable everywhere you go. No matter if it’s for a day’s outing or an evening with friends, this elegant Abaya will be the right choice to make your appearance flawless.
  • Perfect gift: Looking for the ideal present? Can you imagine the look on your friend’s face when you present her with this beautiful Abaya? Elegant Subtle colours are perfect for wearing on any occasion. Give it today and see how they love it.

Give your wardrobe a boost with a timeless piece that is both simple and appealing. Our fabric is designed to flow gracefully over your body, creating a regal look. This Abaya is the perfect combination of humility and beauty. Taking you beyond anything else in your closet, it is an exquisite piece fit for any occasion.

Don’t hide your personality; let FATIMA Abaya enhance it! Be noticed for all the right reasons.

Select One fit wider for Modest Look

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